There are many rock pool secrets – see what you can find.

At first glance there’s nothing much to see. But the rock pools are full of secrets. Nestling between rocks ... Hiding in the seaweed ... What creatures will you find? Discover their secrets in this flap book. Features beautiful linocut artwork by award-winning author/illustrator Narelle Oliver. Includes big, easy-to-use flaps and a glossary of rock pool creatures.

Rock Pool Secrets is the joint winner of the 2018 Environment Award for Children’s Literature


“A lovely book.”

Parents in Touch

Oliver’s linocut prints wonderfully extol the virtues of the rock pool and its inhabitants as children eagerly seek out the animals hidden on each page, the excitement mounting as they lift the flaps to discover more secrets.

Read Plus

All in all, the book is a testament to Oliver’s artistic strength and writing skills as well as to her understanding of how to inspire and encourage children in their search for knowledge.

Magpies Magazine


Environment Award for Children’s Literature, Non-fiction
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