Life in Colonial Australia describes the day to day lives of ordinary people in Colonial Australia.

What was life like for ordinary people in Colonial Australia? Can it really be called The Good Old Days when the work was backbreaking and the days were long, even for children? Life in Colonial Australia shows us exactly how it was.


For as long as Marion Littlejohn can remember history has been a passion. She has taught History, English and Art to secondary students in Melbourne, Darwin, Dimboola and Rochester. In 1995 she made the move from the classroom to the museum world and began working as an Education Officer at the Sovereign Hill outdoor museum in Ballarat. Our Stories: Eureka Stockade was her first Black Dog Books title.

In 1858, Doug Bradby’s paternal grandfather walked to Ballarat as a 10-year-old boy with his widowed mother. His maternal grandfather worked as a contractor erecting poppet heads on the Ballarat mines. He dismantled the last mine in Ballarat in 1920. Doug is a retired history teacher and taught for 30 years in Ballarat schools. He is currently Sovereign Hill’s ambassador to local schools and a guide at the gold museum. Doug's other Black Dog Books title is Our Stories: Life on the Goldfields.


This book is written and formatted in an accessible way, and would be a useful starting point for a classroom discussion or assignment.


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