The second title in the OUR COUNTRY series, celebrating and contextualising the richness of Australia's history, and where it happened.

In every corner of Australia, history happened. The pages of this book are a journey through tens of thousands of years. Our history is recorded in ancient rock art, in the flag flown at the Eureka Stockade, by Burke and Wills' tree. All around our coastline history unfolded in shipwrecks and ship arrivals. Sometimes tragic, often regrettable, always formative, history is commemorated from Tasmania and throughout the mainland at the sites of prisons and massacres. From the birthplace of a new federated nation at the beginning of the twentieth century in Sydney's Centennial Park to Eddie Mabo's struggle for acknowledgement of land rights in the 1990s, history happened all around Our Country.



I see books like this as a way of bringing us together and helping us understand everyone and where they have come from. It is an important series

Ashleigh Meikle

The talented team of Greenwood and Frane Lessac have again created a stunning book of value on the history of our country. It is accessible in language and visuals to a young and older age group, even adults, interested in extended study. A must-have for school, public, and home libraries.

Kids Book Review

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