An interactive guide to the Pole of Inaccessibility.

This is the story of a journey. A tale winding through several dark corners and caverns before reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. And you are a very important part of The Journey. Bernard will be your guide, but this is your journey too, for without you it would not exist.


Coral Tulloch was born in Melbourne, Australia, and currently lives in Tasmania. A history in promotion and illustration in newspapers led her to create a syndicated children’s page for children, appearing for over 20 years in newspapers throughout Australia and internationally. Coral studied Fine Art at East Sydney Technical College, Animation at Randwick Technical College and had periods at studios, drawing in Florence, Italy and in lithography at The Academy of Applied Arts, Prague, Czech Republic. She has worked in advertising, film, theatre and magazine production, but her main focus remains with children’s literature. Coral has illustrated over 50 books for children, in both fiction and non-fiction, for trade and educational publishers. Her work One Small Island, with co-author/illustrator Alison Lester, has won many awards including the 2012 CBCA Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. The Journey is her first title with Walker.


It comes with a map and instructions that the reader must follow and fill out as they travel, a scroll, activities, codes to decipher, games to play, riddles to solve, and recipes to lots of things mentioned throughout the book…Congratulations to Coral Tulloch and the team at Walker Books for the imagining of this outstanding publication.

Kids' Book Review

A fun and interactive adventure

Creative Kids Tales

A delightful book


This is meant for littles with adventure at heart.


This book encourages children to think, concentrate, move around and understand that the experience of reading is enriched by their effort and imagination.

Magpies Magazine

I particularly like the interactive nature of this book – it adds to and enriches the reading experience.

Children's Books Daily

This is a highly interactive tale and activity book that champions the power of the imagination. Recommended for adventurous readers aged 8 to 11.


I plucked profound messages to tuck away about the way we travel through life, how we face and accept what we encounter, and what we do next.

Kids' Book Review

a wonderful book

My Little Bookcase

With The Journey, [Coral Tulloch] has created a book that is a visual treat blending information, story and entertainment.

The Hoopla

This is a wonderful story told in a fascinating and interactive way.

The Kylie Verse

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