Agent Asha: Operation Cyber Chop

Illustrator: Priyanka Sachdev

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Book 2 of Agent Asha Series

Age 9+

Adventure Stories Humorous Stories Science & Technology: General Interest

Agent Asha is back in the second installment of this action-packed spy adventure series.

Top-secret Children's Spy Agency newest recruit, Asha Joshi is back with a brand new mission. Asha is suspicious when evil teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly proposes to cut down all the trees in Asha’s favourite park to make room for CyberOaks: the new tech trees. Asha’s a top coder and super spy so she should be able to face robot security parrots, navigate a suspicious internship and travel to Shelly's super-confidential base in Scotland to crack the case. Will Asha and her robo-hamster sidekick Tumble be able to protect the park and save the day?

The story is a great way to engage young readers in coding and critical-thinking as it combines STEM with exciting adventures. It is mapped onto key National Curriculum Computing KS1 and KS2 concepts including algorithms, conditionals and debugging.


Bright Little Labs' founder Sophie Deen's awards include the Barclays Start-Up Founder of the Year 2017, British Interactive Media Association Innovator 2017 and Computer Weekly's "Most Influential Women in UK IT" 2017. Sophie worked at Code Club, alongside Google and the Department for Education, to help introduce the new coding curriculum in primary schools. She then worked on their international strategy in over 80 countries. Sophie believes wholeheartedly in the power of creativity, toilet humour and stories to inspire the next generation.


Wittily written, with high tech devices, coding and critical thinking, diagrams, charts, plus fart fun aplenty, and Priyanka Sachdev’s cyber-style illustrations, this is a great read for young eco-warriors, fans of gadgets, in fact anyone who enjoys a good crime caper.

Red Reading Hub

“[…] you’re onto a winner. Critical thinking and critical fun all in one book!”

Library Girl and Book Boy

“I was beyond excited to see someone who looked like me on the front cover of this book! Thinking back to my childhood favourites, it was not common to see a strong, Asian, female character at the forefront of adventures. This honestly gave me so much joy to read about family dynamics that were so similar to my own not to mention, being able to live out my own spy fantasy! Sophie Deen has managed to capture an interest in STEM which I felt was missing from my childhood. I can completely see how this book will resonate with children as they explore coding, science and adventure!”


“My younger self would have absolutely loved this book […] so this would have been right up my street!”

Sarah Withers Blogs

“I know for a fact that my year 3/4 class are going to love this one!”


“I really loved this book […] It was really interesting reading about technology. I haven’t read that many books about it. It made it dangerous which made me want to keep reading it. It will probably make me want to learn more about coding.”


“I like the book because it had very nice illustrations and the spying was cool. I like Asha’s personality and her sister Nush’s desire to help the environment”


Featured in Pen & Inc Autumn/Winter 2022 listings, highlighting the best in diversity and inclusion in children’s books.

Pen & Inc

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