A fantastically imaginative detective story for readers looking for an interactive adventure.

Welcome to Haventry, a town where the ordinary and extraordinary collide! With ghosts, werewolves and zombies living side by side, trouble is always brewing. And when a fiendish crime is committed, YOU are the detective in charge of the case.

The Museum of Magical Objects and Precious Stones is putting on a special time-travelling showcase, but when the main exhibit is stolen, it’s up to YOU to find the thief. The Time Sponge has the ability to stop and start time for whoever squeezes it, so who has the strongest motive? The minotaur chief of police who has a lot on at work or the shoplifting band of mermaids? Should you trail the museum’s petrifying gorgon curator? Or could your very own yeti partner be responsible? YOU decide!



Fabulously imaginative, deliciously dark, fiendishly clever and packed with all things weird and wonderful, these are frighteningly good fun. The spook-a-licious illustrations from Forshaw are a real treat, bringing alive characters and locations and are the perfect accompaniment to the quirky, humorous and at times grisly tone set by Jones. Solving crime has never been so much fun!

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