Junya thinks Wednesdays are the best days, because that is when the garbage trucks come. A sweet and whimsical story from a child’s perspective about the busy world outside his window.

Junya loves to sit at his window and watch the goings-on in Rajah Street. He watches the clouds passing overhead, kookaburras singing and skateboard riders zipping by. Today he is waiting for Wednesday. Wednesday is when the garbage trucks come, and garbage trucks are his favourite. Imaginative illustrations help capture the world through a three-year-old’s perspective in this quirky slice-of-life story.


Myo Yim is an author/illustrator based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia, originally from Seoul, Korea. She works across many mediums, 2d, 3d, digital and analogue and pencil drawing. Myo has worked as commercial illustrator in the visual arts, children's books, main stream magazines and motion graphic industries. In 2019 she published her debut illustrated book, The Forest of The Night, in Seoul, South Korea. And it was nominated for the Little Hakka International Picture Book Award 2019. Myo has created work for Elle girl Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Cosmo campas, NYLON Korea, Heren Korea, Avenel Korea, and is chief costumier, creator and designer for Monkey Monkey Shake Shake - a Northern Rivers-based Neo-dada, punk band.


Myo Yim’s illustrations, which bring to mind the free-ranging style of Chris McKimmie, capture the hustle of modern life in a city while also gorgeously evoking Junya’s rich inner life…Rajah Street announces Yim as a picture book creator to watch.

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Truly beautiful and imaginative illustrations help capture the world through a three year olds perspective.

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Rajah Street is a charming step inside a child’s world. It explores curiosity, imagination and the simple joy of just being. Kids will love this book. They’ll get it more than adults do and be enthralled by Junya’s view of the world. Author/illustrator Myo Yim teams her story with stunning mixed media illustrations. Funky, colourful and filled with intricacies, each page is a delight to explore as the real world and the world Junya sees mix together to create a beautiful collage of fact and imagination.

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Another fabulous picture book from Walker Books: a charming story… Highly recommended.

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3-year-old Junya watches the world from his window, noticing everything that goes on around him. This book does transport you into his little world and make you think about what children do and don’t notice.

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