In One Careless Night, award-winning picture book creator Christina Booth tells the hauntingly beautiful story of Australia's last thylacine (Tasmanian tiger).

Where the mist swallows mountains and winds whisper through ancient trees, a mother and her pup run wild and free. They hunt, but they are also hunted. Carted away. Sold for bounty. And then, one careless night … The last thylacine is gone.

The beautiful but heartbreaking story of Australia's last thylacine (Tasmanian tiger), which died in captivity.


Author and illustrator Christina Booth works from her bush studio in Tasmania, Australia. Trained as a teacher and painter, she loves that she makes up stories and colours for a living. Christina started her literary career illustrating for great Australian authors such as Max Fatchen, Colin Thiele, Christobel Mattingley and Jackie French. Many of Christina’s previous books are award-winning, including the Environment Award, CBCA Honour Book and CBCA Notables. Spirit (written by Cherri Ryan) was her first picture book with Black Dog Books.


This is a powerful and beautiful evocation of the last free months of a mother and baby thylacine in the Tasmanian forest…superb in text and illustrations and highly recommended for readers of any age


I was lucky enough to read this book before its release. I made the mistake, however, of reading it between panels at a writers conference. Halfway through the book, I was sobbing, mascara drizzling down my face – not a great look at a fancy event. But I was still so grateful for the privilege of being exposed to this wonder of a story.This is an important book, a beautiful book, and a book that I hope will make all of us look to our forests; our mountains, and wonder. And hope. And vow to fight.

Just Kids Lit

The text is poetic but also spare. The illustrations are dramatic contrasting darkness and light to haunting effect. Together they tell the story of the last thylacine in a way that is both heartbreaking and achingly beautiful…Highly recommended for children aged 4 +.

CBCA: Reading Time

This is a must-have addition to support any curriculum study that has sustainability and the plight of our planet’s creatures as its focus.

The Bottom Shelf

Highly recommended. The author’s note at the end followed by the government advice about the bounty round off an emotionally stunning book, forcing readers to think more carefully at how easily things are lost forever.



Environment Award for Children’s Literature, Picture Fiction
Prime Minister's Literary Awards, Children's Literature
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