Two edamame beans dream of becoming world table tennis champions. They train night and day until no one is able to defeat them... but who is the better of the two players?

A playful and visually engaging book about the joys of sport and team playing. In the end, it's the taking part that counts!


Mauro Gatti is an Italian illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked for many years on illustrations, branding, games, apps, videos and installations for an amazing range of clients, from MTV, Nike and Disney to JibJab, Line, Redbull, Vans as well as many local businesses and community organisations. Mauro also founded Illustri, the biggest association of illustrators in Italy.


Ping and Pong don’t lose sight of their friendship but enjoy testing the limits of their sporting ability, whether together or in competition with each other. How cool!I love the quirky illustrations for this one. Simple, punchy and expressive.

The Golden Adventures

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