A witty picture dictionary of the world’s most popular sports

Cycling, ice hockey, athletics, tennis, climbing ... There are so many sports, and they’re all fantastic fun!

Football is fantastic fun, except when your team keeps missing goals: that can make you cry. Horse-riding is also fantastic—so long as the horse goes where the rider wants. Running, cycling and swimming require fantastic agility and endurance. Billiards is quieter, but still fantastic fun!

Sports lovers small and big will find the one they love best—and some surprises—in this witty picture book, with funny animal characters trying out all the sports and a laconic commentary.


Ole Könnecke was born in 1961 and spent his childhood in Sweden. He now lives in Germany and has produced over 30 books, several of which have won international awards.


Facts galore, presented in an entertaining fashion; both children and adults will laugh a lot and learn even more.

Kirkus Reviews

Both the witty, detailed illustrations and the dryly humorous “commentary” are amusing, and altogether the book has a touch of the Richard Scarry about it.


Sports are indeed, fantastic fun, when written and illustrated by Ole Könnecke.

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