Little Ellie and her Grandma go on an adventure. But who’s that following them?

“Can you tell me a story, Granny?” Little Ellie asked on the way to town one morning. “Deep in the woods, not far from here, lives Grandma Bear and Little Bear …” But what will happen next?


Tull Suwannakit is originally from Thailand and now lives in Australia. He received a BFA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004, and has worked as an animation studio sculptor and set designer in New York.He has been writing and illustrating children’s picture books since 2006 in Thailand, but What Happens Next? is his first book with an Australian publisher. Tull completed his Masters in Fine Art from RMIT in 2011 and has been exhibiting extensively in galleries in Melbourne.When he is not doing his art, Tull teaches young children at a preschool.


I know what happens next… you will be asked to read it again and again.

Creative Kids Tales

This story encourages interaction and is a wonderful book for a grandparent to read with their grandchild.

Bright Start Magazine

This is a book about imagination and telling stories and one that cries out for children’s participation. Written and illustrated by Tull Suwannakit this would be a welcome addition to any home or library.

Dale Harcombe

A delightful tale of imagination, storytelling and play

Literacy, Families and Learning

This book is rather beautiful from beginning to end.

NZ Booksellers Blog

The call-an-response style of storytelling encourages fun interaction with your tot and makes this book perfect for creating your own adventures when out and about.

Practical Parenting

Suwannakit creates delightful characters using a unique and appealing cartoon style.

The Sydney Morning Herald


Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards, 3-5 Years
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