Books, Books, Books!

Explore Inside The Greatest Library on Earth

Illustrator: Brita Granström

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Otter-Barry Books

Age 7+

Libraries, Museums, Schools

A fascinating journey through literature from the first hand-made books to Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters and the Brothers Grimm - and including cookery, science and music.

A handmade gospel hidden in a saint’s coffin; a HUGE atlas that takes six people to lift it; a tiny prayer book carried by a queen to her execution; the original handwritten manuscript of Alice in Wonderland; books so rare and valuable they are kept in a bomb-proof store-room. The British Library is an amazing place! From man-eating monsters and brave knights to wicked witches, lost children, haunted moors, magical creatures and flying machines award-winning duo Mick and Brita bring to life the amazing and extraordinary history of the book through the treasures of the largest library in the world – the BRITISH LIBRARY. LET’S GO INSIDE!


This inspiring book introduces the reader to The British Library and to some of the greatest treasures kept there. It’s a fabulous celebration of libraries and their importance. Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom are well known for their skill at presenting information and illustration in a way which captures the interest whilst feeding the intellect and Books! Books! Books! is no exception …A fascinating and beautiful book in its own right.

Reading Zone

Excellent descriptive review with illustrations from the book.

Kids in Museums

Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom have managed to distil some of the treasures of he British Library to create an exciting and very readable book that will not only have children poring over it and returning to it, time and time again, but its likely to have them clamouring to their parents and teachers to take them to see the real thing.


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