Shakespeare: The Most Famous Man in London

The Most Famous Man in London

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

The Drum Series

Age 12+

Drama & Performing People & Places History & The Past: General Interest

Young, handsome and talented, actor and playwright Will Shakespeare’s plays are packing them in The Globe. He is without a doubt the most famous man in London. But Will is more than a celebrity. He is a skilled swordsman who carries two daggers with him at all times. His friend, Christopher Marlowe, has been murdered and Will knows he will have to be smart to avoid the same fate. But being smart comes naturally to William Shakespeare — and he is about to make it bigger than he ever dreamed possible.


Tony Thompson is an old friend of William Shakespeare, and possibly shared a flat with him in a previous life. When he is not writing the ultimate unauthorised celebrity biography, Tony is an English and Literature teacher. His writing has appeared in The Age and The Australian.


Takes us straight to the heart of Shakespeare’s life and times. It gives his plays an illuminating context.

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