A graphic 'biopic' of a beloved writer, with a romantic sweep thanks to Manuela Santoni's elegant black-and-white artwork. A must-have for fans of Jane Austen or cartoonists like Kate Beaton.

A 'biopic' in graphic form, giving a window into the youth and first love of a beloved writer. Writer-artist Manuela Santoni depicts a young Jane Austen finding her artistic voice and rejecting society's expectations in England of the late 1700s. The book also examines Austen's relationship with Thomas Lefroy, the source of much speculation among Jane Austen fans. Austen finds herself drawn to Lefroy, despite the divisions between their families, but chooses the life of a writer.


Jamie A. Swenson works as an associate librarian and early literacy storyteller. She is also the author of Boom! Boom! Boom!, illustrated by David Walker. She lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Chiara Fedele was born in Milan, Italy. After graduating from art school, she attended the Brera Academy in Milan. Her illustrations have appeared in many picture books. Chiara also teaches drawing and painting techniques. She lives in Pavia, Italy.


This graphic novel reimagining of Jane Austen’s defining romance will thrill her fans, especially those who enjoyed the film Becoming Jane, which starred Anne Hathaway.

School Library Journal

Detailed backmatter fills in some of the holes in the story and helps readers sort fact from fiction. The author shows faith in younger readers by including some challenging vocabulary that may have them reaching for dictionaries. However, the illustrations and context clues make the work accessible. A lovely, quick read.

Kirkus Reviews

An engaging, creative addition to Austen’s many biographies.


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