Another classic in the best-selling series about Simon, a cheeky little rabbit who knows just what he wants.

Once there was a little rabbit... “I’m not a LITTLE rabbit! I’m Super Rabbit!”

Simon is not afraid of anything. He’s Super Rabbit! But one day when he goes out to save the world, he comes across a situation he wasn’t expecting.


Stephanie Blake’s passion for writing and illustrating began in childhood when she created books for her brothers and sisters as birthday presents. As a child, she also fell in love with the books of Dr. Seuss, Ludwig Bemelmans, and William Steig. After moving to France, she discovered other writers and artists whose work continued to inspire her stories and drawings. She is the author and illustrator of dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children’s favourites.


Stephanie Blake’s stories about Simon, a small, irreverent rabbit, are nose-snortingly-laugh-out-loud with bold, colourful illustrations.

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This is such a gorgeous book with wonderful illustrations with bright colours, simply constructed giving the little person being read to no doubt as to what the story is about.

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Praise for Poo Bum: Likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks.

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