A hilarious, irreverent superhero graphic novel series for fans of Captain Underpants and The Lego Batman Movie.

Super Potato is kidnapped by Zort, a space slug who collects rare creatures from across the galaxy. But with the help of Zort's put-upon robot helper, Super Potato stages an outer-space jailbreak.

A hilarious, irreverent graphic novel series for fans of Captain Underpants and The Lego Batman Movie. Spanish cartoonist Artur Laperla presents the adventures of a costumed crime-fighter who turns into a potato and becomes a bigger hero than ever. He faces off against sinister scientists, slugs from space, giant chickens, and more in a series of graphic novels perfect for reluctant readers.


Artur Laperla is an author and illustrator who lives in Spain.


Super Potato returns for a second outing following series opener The Epic Origin of Super Potato (2018). No one will complain that this story, a Spanish import, is difficult to follow. Almost every plot point is explained, immediately after it happens, by the narrator. When Super Potato is kidnapped by the Slug King, the king’s assistant shouts, ‘WE HAVE CAPTURED AN EARTHLING! WE HAVE CAPTURED AN EARTHLING!’ and a caption notes, ‘The hunting craft, of course, is headed for the dreaded royal ship of the slug King,’ and, ‘Super Potato is in trouble of a cosmic dimension!’ The story isn’t quite novel enough to require that degree of analysis: Super Potato is held prisoner in a galactic zoo. (Even the art repeats itself. There are pear shapes everywhere: classically pear-shaped cartoon ETs, in diverse pastel colors, and a pear-shaped rocket ship. There are, interestingly, no human characters.) But some plot twists are loopy enough to be surprising, as when the robot assistant discovers the joy of singing. And one gag, in which the robot repeatedly changes its mood by pushing its own panel of emotion buttons, improves the more it’s prolonged. But that’s just one. A few of the jokes are worth repeating to friends, but very few kids would want to read the book more than once.

Kirkus Reviews

In The Epic Origin of Super Potato, a superhero transformed from a man into a potato and learned to adjust to his new circumstances. In the second volume of the series, our starchy hero fights off an invading alien, a huge space slug named Zort, who has been collecting creatures from different planets. Unfortunately, the first Earthling Zort encounters is Super Potato, whom he then captures. But Super Potato finds an unlikely ally in Zort’s robot assistant. Once again, the humor will appeal to kids as well as grown-ups, making this graphic novel a great choice for reading together. The cartoony artwork pops with color, especially with all of the different aliens on Zort’s spaceship. Super Potato is a great hero in an action-packed story, and readers who predict that he’ll manage to save the day should reward themselves with a French fry! VERDICT A whimsical tale for fans of the series, newcomers, and anyone who loves adventure.

School Library Journal

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