From the author of the international bestselling picture book Poo Bum, as seen on Netflix. Poo Bum is children’s favourite cheeky rabbit! This time Simon returns in Wooolf!, a twist on the classic cry wolf story. With a clear parenting message, Wooolf will have children back for repeat readings. Once there was a little rabbit who does only what he wants. When his mother asked him to tidy his room he cried, “Wooolf! The wolf is coming!" and, when she ran away, he did whatever he wanted. One day he did a wee where he wanted, and the wolf came to get him. "Wooolf!" he cried, but his mother didn't fall for that. The wolf got him! It was just Simon's father in a wolf mask. Simon promised never to cry wolf again. But when his mother opened the cupboard in the morning, a wolf cried "Awwoooo!" The Simon picture book series is intelligent, funny and adored by toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. While the surprise ending will have the whole family in hysterics, the message is clear, Simon knows perfectly well how to behave when he wants to. But it’s hard when there are so many funny pranks to play. Perfect to read aloud and giggle together as a family or for beginning readers who will enjoy the bold and simple text. “Likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks” The Guardian, The Best Picture books for Children. Stephanie Blake is the author and illustrator of the hugely successful Simon series and dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children’s favourites. Translated from the French edition by Linda Burgess. Simon series Starting with the international bestselling picture book Poo Bum, the Simon series about a cheeky rabbit who always gets what he wants, is now an animated series on Netflix. With examples of good parenting in each story, these picture books for toddlers and preschoolers are absurdly humorous and subversive. Simon’s irrepressible antics are guaranteed to entertain and will have children back for repeat readings. Poo Bum Nits Super Rabbit A Deal’s a Deal I Want Spaghetti I Don’t Want to Go to School I’m the Biggest Stupid Baby Praise for Wooolf! “A bold, simple, cartoony, comical take on the boy who cried ‘Wolf!’, with an unexpected twist.” Sunday Times Culture. "With its funny final twist and illustrations that leap off the page little rabbit style, this will certainly amuse little humans." Red Reading Hub "will be loved by all young readers, with its similar tone to the author's bestselling Poo Bum along with the empowering humour that Wooolf offers young children." Swings and Roundabouts Praise for Poo Bum “I believe that entertainment is an overrated function of art and we should be challenged by what we view and read.” Simon Pegg, actor “I found it funny. Ten-year-old found it funny. Seven-year-old considered it hilarious and 2-year-old laughed because everyone else did. What couldn’t you like about a potty-mouthed rabbit?” The Sunday Star Times “Stephanie Blake is a big seller in France. Find out why.” The New Zealand Listener “This book may be a masterpiece. I’ve read so many children’s books that, when one of them stands out, I notice.” The Ladybug Reads


Stephanie Blake was born in the United States and lives in France. She is the author and illustrator of dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children’s favorites, including the international bestseller Poo Bum.


The cheekiness of this version keeps the reader engaged right to the end – with a final surprise that will make everyone giggle.

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