Simon discovers girls—and nits—in the new story in this bestselling series

Simon feels a new emotion stirring—he thinks he is in love with Lou! Sadly, Lou loves Mamadou... One day Lou comes to school with nits. She’s suddenly not so popular any more. Except with Simon. He doesn’t care about nits! Lou gives Simon a big hug for being so kind—and some small visitors too...


Stephanie Blake’s passion for writing and illustrating began in childhood when she created books for her brothers and sisters as birthday presents. As a child, she also fell in love with the books of Dr. Seuss, Ludwig Bemelmans, and William Steig. After moving to France, she discovered other writers and artists whose work continued to inspire her stories and drawings. She is the author and illustrator of dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children’s favourites.


Early learning educators and teachers are presented with ample opportunity to cover topics such as compassion, kindness and acceptance, while parents can have a chuckle at the lighter side of dealing with nits! And who wouldn’t want to make some awesome superhero masks?A cute and colourful story with a universal message of acceptance and kindness makes for a winning combination.

CBCA: Reading Time

The simple clear illustrations underline the straightforward message contained in the book, and will appeal to the target audience of early primary readers.Astute teachers will use this book as an introduction to the prevalence of nits within school communities and take the opportunity to encourage preventative action as well as showing the children how they can be managed.


Highly recommended. The kindness of Simon, staying true to Lou and not joining in teasing or isolating Lou, is a message that comes across strongly in the book.


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