When Grk sniffs some succulent sausages, he can't resist following his nose - and ends up on the other side of the world. He's in Australia, the land of surfing, sharks and the Red Jelly Gang, a ruthless band of crooks who have taken over the Sydney Opera House. Somehow, Tim will have to travel halfway around the planet, rescue his beloved dog and outwit the most wicked villains in the Southern Hemisphere.


Joshua Doder is the pseudonym of Josh Lacey, the author of Bearkeeper and the Misfitz Mysteries. He worked as a journalist, a screenwriter and a teacher before writing his first book for children, A Dog Called Grk. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.


A meaty amount of words – and all of them entertaining ones! Fast-flowing read, and an easily recommendable one.

The Bookbag

Delightful, Tintin-like Grk series for 8+(readers).

The Times

Funny and adventurous.

Steven Faichney, Forrester High School (Teen Titles)

This book is really good. It took you straight into the storyline and kept you going all the way through.

Naomi Whitney, Castlebrae Community High (Teen Titles)

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