India. The country of curry, chutney, tigers, the Taj Mahal... and the blue rat gang.

In Delhi, hundreds of children have been enslaved. Will no one help them? Does no one care?

One person does. And one dog too. On trains and rickshaws, travelling from slums to palaces, Tim and Grk plunge into the heart of India for the most exciting adventure of their lives.


Joshua Doder is the pseudonym of Josh Lacey, the author of Bearkeeper and the Misfitz Mysteries. He worked as a journalist, a screenwriter and a teacher before writing his first book for children, A Dog Called Grk. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.


For 6+, you can’t go wrong with Grk Smells a Rat. When our heroes discover that hundreds of children are disappearing, they uncover a plot involving a sinister blue rat.

The Times

A good, pacy read

Books for Keeps

I would not change anything in this story.

Children's Reviews in Junior Education Plus

Funny, fast-moving and daring.

Norwich Evening News

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