Take a deep dive into the science surrounding the Antarctic, revealing how scientists work in remote, challenging places, armed with cutting edge research tools and technologies.

The reader is invited to join a crew of scientist as they sail around Antarctica studying one of the most vulnerable environments on the planet. Discover how scientists work in extreme environments, and how scientific methods have been adapted to suit this unique location. Join the team as they use drones and satellites in space to monitor colonies of penguins, seals and albatrosses, observe the team’s palaeontologist studying fossils that show Antarctica used to be covered in forests home to dinosaurs. Search for nesting icefish on the seabed using a deep-diving robot and help glaciologists unlock the secrets of the ice using ice cores and space lasers and finally experience the south pole sunrise after six months of darkness.


Dr Kate Hendry has lived for almost two years in total in the Arctic and Antarctica. In 2017, she was chief scientist on a research expedition to Greenland. She studies the impact of climate change and plastic pollution, advising governments on how to protect our seas. In 2022 she took up a senior position at the British Antarctic Survey.

Helen Scales is a writer, marine biologist, broadcaster and scuba diver whose work focuses on oceans and their inhabitants. She has a masters degree in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University and a PhD from Cambridge University, UK.

Rômolo D'Hipólito is a Brazilian artist and illustrator. He is the winner of the 2019 Golden Pinwheel Special Mention Award and the 2018 Ibero-America Ilustra Catalog Official Selection.

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