Bjorn lives in a cave. The walls are soft, the ground is comfortable, and just in front there is new grass and a rough tree, perfect for back-scratching.

A Bear Named Bjorn takes us into the forest with Bjorn the bear and his friends. One day the animals have their eye tests and try on the humans’ lost spectacles. Another, they just sit, watching the leaves and playing cards on a tree stump. And on party night the animals borrow clothes hanging on the camping ground line—and return everything carefully in the morning, only a little bit used.

Bjorn’s thoughtful bear logic and small eccentricities are the heart of these mischievous chapters that are by turns contemplative and comical, odes to both nature and “human” nature.

Winner of the coveted Pepite des Petits prize 2016 and a White Raven selection 2017.

Contemplative and comical stories from Bjorn’s forest for early readers.


Delphine Perret is author–illustrator of more than a dozen children’s books, translated into several languages. She lives in Lyon, France, where she also co-founded an art gallery.


All these adventures are beautifully illustrated using black line drawings and the book has been published on calming mint-green pages. Recommended.


Snuggle up and read it because it’s cute, and because it’s one of those read alouds that can be enjoyed by adults differently. It’s funny to see our follies parodied by a bear.?

CBCA: Reading Time

These gentle, funny stories are perfect for thoughtful beginner readers, and especially animal lovers.


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