Who wants to build a castle? The adorable bears are back—and at the shore having buckets of fun (with just a few spills along the way).

Here’s a wave-washed beach
where a castle can stand!
Where are the bears
to build on the sand?

Whee! Yellow and Fuzzy lift their shovels to start building a sandcastle so tall it will reach the sky. Floppy and Calico are ready to mold the towers. Big Brown Bear helps them pack the sand tightly—but still the towers collapse when the buckets are overturned. Oops! The sand is too dry! What will happen if they move really close to the water? With Shirley Parenteau’s rhyming verse and David Martin’s irresistibly cute illustrations, little readers are invited to join the bears for some trial and error—and creative cooperation—on a perfect day at the beach.


Shirley Parenteau is the author of eight other books about the bears: Bears on Chairs, Bears in Beds, Bears in the Bath, Bears and a Birthday, Bears in a Band, Bears and Blossoms, Bears in the Snow, and Bears and Boos. She lives in Elk Grove, California.

David Walker has illustrated many children’s books, including the eight previous bears books and the Peep and Ducky books by David Martin. David Walker lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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