Luckily, his cage breaks open. With the help of a huge walrus, Lars sets the other animals free—including a cute brown bear named Bea. As the animals run away from the airport, the poor walrus is left behind. True friends, Lars and Bea bravely go back to help, narrowly escaping the animal traders. But after they all escape, Bea is crying—she’ll never find her parents again. When Lars happily invites her to join his family, she is worried because her fur isn’t the same color. “What difference does that make?” says Lars. “Bears are bears!” Back in print, fans of the Little Polar Bear books will find humour and heart in this story about new friendships.


Hans de Beer was born in Muiden, near Amsterdam, Holland. After briefly studying history, he finished his studies at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. The Little Polar Bear, Hans's art school graduation project, brought him worldwide success and countless awards, and has been translated into thirty languages so far. Today Hans lives and works as a freelance illustrator with his wife, the Italian illustrator Serena Romanelli, in Amsterdam and near Florence, Italy.

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