A dual language (English and Gupapuynu) bed time story, sharing the universal childhood experiences between generations, people and places.

Natashia Curtin draws inspiration from her time growing up in Arnhem Land in this delightful celebration of the universality of childhood, and the experiences we all share and treasure, regardless of generation, place, time and space. A delightful book to share with a child, told in dual languages, English and Gupapuynu.


Natashia Curtin grew up in a Yolngu township in the Northern Territory, and completed high school while living in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. She always had her nose in a book, or was drawing pictures - because computer games weren’t invented yet, and it was stinky hot outside. She moved to Melbourne in the 90s to study graphic design and learned how to live in a big city. While working as a graphic designer, Natashia met and married a lovely man, and they had two boys (who don’t draw, because computer games were invented). She likes boogie-boarding, listening to music and hanging with friends. She promised to barrack for Collingwood in her wedding vows. She hates rockmelon, rap music and bad paragraph spacing. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook or at natashiacurtin.com.

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