Every stone has a story, the echo of a memory, a walk in the wilderness, a time and a place lived and loved. This book is about these stones.

Every stone has its own unique story – and everybody needs a story stone and a book to collect it in!

Mark Greenwood has collected stones of all shapes and sizes since he was a kid and now he wants to share his passion in a book (unlike all other other rock and mineral books) that explains the special connection that can be enjoyed when one pays attention to the stones that are all around us and can mean so much, if we take the time to appreciate them. Together Mark and illustrator, Coral Tulloch, have created a book that allows them to share the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places through stone.


Each page turn feels like an adventurous step through time, creation, history and natural wonder as Mark Greenwood escorts readers through the creation of our planet, one stone at a time – explaining through poetic prose how each stone holds a story, a past, a purpose and a certain kind of magic. In this graceful way youngsters receive geographical enlightenment learning how stones are formed or in some cases, arrive from outer space.This marvellous picture book demonstrates the quiet grandeur of stone and its significance in the natural world. And each stone and word is astoundingly illustrated by Tulloch in earthy tactile tones that enhance meaning. I’ve never encountered such a sublimely subtle science lesson that can be enjoyed individually or read aloud. Beautiful.

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This book is a poem with reverence for the place of stone in our existence. That sentence almost seems strange as I write it, but Mark Greenwood has led us on a journey of reverie beginning with one stone, and layering it with possibilities as he unfolds and reveals the many ways that stone appears in our world and through time. The language is spare and yet crafted beautifully, almost like a weathered rock itself. The illustrations by Coral Tulloch are delightful – mostly detailed pencil sketches, with variations depending on the content.


This poetic and lyrical narrative…is perfectly crafted for a young readership….Packed with interesting snippets of stone through the ages, this is the perfect gift for a young rock collector

The Sunday Telegraph

A wealth of wonder and imagination waits for readers opening this book… Readers will enjoy working out what media was used in this book, creating such different looks on every page.


This is a lovely book illustrated in delicate and soft tones, and it is also highly informative, paying tribute to the world of stones… Highly recommended.

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