Outstanding Science Book winner 2022, National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council.

Walk in the footsteps of the first fossil researchers to discover the earliest creatures on Earth, in this large format fact-filled picture book.

Packed with full-page colour illustrations and comics, this visual and informative book for children ages 8 and up looks closely at the incredible creatures to once walk on our planet.

Young fossil and dinosaur enthusiasts can explore the story of a spiny sea worm without tail or head, a walking fish, a peaceful sea dragon, and, of course, dinosaurs including the tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus.
Told through comics, illustrations and data, Fossils from Lost Worlds is also a fascinating insight into paleontology itself. It shows how science is a process of thinking and rethinking, questioning and learning. Through illustrated timelines of animal reconstructions and major discoveries, we can track the beliefs and theories that have brought our knowledge to where it is today, including important personalities and historical female scientists.

This big book of fossil facts is a must-read for young dinosaur and fossil fanatics to share and learn together with the entire family.

“The careful curation of this parade of creatures takes readers on a comprehensive journey through the fossil record.” – New York Times


Hélène Rajcak lives and works in Paris as an illustrator. She studied illustration at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs.

Damien Laverdunt lives and works in Paris as a writer and illustrator and teaches applied arts at the Lycée de Sèvres.

Hélène and Damien are the co-authors and co-illustrators of Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals.


The illustrations use an elegant color palette but don’t sacrifice adventure, humor or information for design…The careful curation of this parade of creatures takes readers on a comprehensive journey through the fossil record. I enjoyed the paleontologists, depicted in droll graphic-novel-style comics interspersed throughout, almost as much as I enjoyed the paleontology.

The New York Times

The subdued palette and inky lines of Hélène Rajcak’s pictures give the book a stylish feel, while its lively, graphic-novel-style layout conveys a sense of humor about dinosaurs, fossils and the work of those who study them.

The Wall Street Journal

This is a treasure for any school library and a work of art to pore over at home.

School Reading List

Each page uses a variety of visual techniques including graphics to focus on a different aspect or creature which allows the text to be segmented into readable and engaging chunks complete with detailed illustrations. The fascinating information conveyed is not onerous or complicated and will appeal to younger children and reluctant older readers. At the end of the book is an extensive but clearly presented Brief History of Palaeontology.


Covering a staggering amount of information, this multi-layered book is a must for anyone interested in palaeontology. And if that’s not you, it will definitely change your mind. This is a treasure trove of information the whole family can savour and enjoy for many years, and highly recommended for ages 8+.


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