The Maine Coon's Haiku

And Other Poems for Cat Lovers

Illustrator: Lee Anthony White

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Candlewick Press

Age 6+

Picture Books

In evocative haiku, Michael J. Rosen depicts twenty different breeds of cats—whether mischievous or mysterious, comical or commanding.

Some cats have names that suggest far-off lands, like the Turkish Angora and the Norwegian forest cat. Others allude to places closer to home, such as California’s ragdoll and the Maine coon. Set against Lee White’s graceful illustrations, with intriguing facts about each of twenty breeds at the end, this charming haiku collection for lovers of America’s most popular house pet provides the purr-fect book to curl up with.


Michael J. Rosen has written and edited dozens of books for children and adults, including the first two books in the Haiku series and Chanukah Lights, illustrated by Robert Sabuda. Many of his books are inspired by his lifelong experience with animals. He lives on one hundred forested acres in central Ohio.

Lee White is the illustrator of several books for children, including The Library Ghost by Carole Boston Weatherford and Sophie’s Fish by A. E. Cannon. Lee White lives in Portland, Oregon.

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