A stunningly wide-ranging collection from a popular poet, encompassing the natural world, city life, family and belonging –suffused with magic, warmth and empathy.

I’m going to make this city green,
a deep, shining green,
right here where I lie
I’ll make this city green.

Look out for the tree that saved a town; dip your toe in the Milky Way; sing the City Seed Song; play in Kitty Cat Street – and then come home to Belonging Street.

Puzzles, riddles and jokes mix with story poems and lyrical verse to make this a magical and heart-warming collection.


Mandy Coe is an acclaimed poet whose verse for children and adults has featured on BBC radio and television. Her work on teaching poetry has been published by the TES, Bloomsbury and CUP, and she is a Visiting Fellow of The Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University. She co-authored Our thoughts are bees: Writers Working with Schools and her poems can be heard on ‘Talking Poetry’, BBC Schools Radio and at the Poetry Archive. Her first collection for children, If You Could See Laughter, was shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Award. She lives in Liverpool.

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