"An engaging survival story told from a white wolf’s point of view. . . . Rich, realistic, and highly readable." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

A young white wolf is trapped in the world of humans, where a young boy considers him a pet, a father sees him as a safeguard against attack by native tribes, and an entire tribe believes he is a powerful figure who has come to protect them from the encroaching white men. But the wolf knows he needs to be free -- that he must journey away from humans into the wild and become part of a pack, where he can sing under the stars, hunt for his dinner, and discover what it truly means to be a wolf. With startling vividness and splendid writing, Henrietta Branford takes readers into the mind of a most magnificent creature.


Henrietta Branford wrote a regular column in a local newspaper before moving on to children's fiction. She is also the author of, "Fire, Bed and Bone", winner of the 1998 Guardian Fiction Prize, Highly Commended for the 1998 Carnegie Medal, and winner of the 1997 Bronze Nestle Smarties Award.

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