Wolves of Currumpaw

Illustrator: William Grill

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Age 5+

Children's & Young Adult: General Non-Fiction Wildlife

1892, New Mexico. A wolfpack roams the Currumpaw River Valley,
preying on the vast cattle and the sheep herds of the area. Their leader,
Lobo, possesses such cunning that local ranchers are unable to trap the
pack. Due to his knowledge of wolf behaviour, Ernest Thompson Seton,
a naturalist, is employed by ranchers to rid them of Lobo's pack...
The Wolves of Currumpaw is a modern re-telling of Ernest Thompson
Seton’s epic wilderness drama ‘Lobo, The King of Currumpaw’, 1898.
Set in the dying days of the old west, Seton’s drama unfolds in the vast
planes of New Mexico, at a time when man’s relationship with nature
was very much exploited and misunderstood.
Arguably one of the first examples of realistic wild-animal fiction, the
hunt of the wolf Lobo not only affected Seton profoundly, but helped
change America’s relationship to wildlife and wilderness. This real-life tale had such an impact on Seton that he dedicated the rest of his life
to conservation and worked tirelessly to spread this message to the
youth of America. His efforts are evident through lobbying for wildlife protection, hunting laws and founding The Woodcraft League and The Boy Scouts of America.


First time author and recent graduate from the University of Falmouth,
William Grill is a fresh-faced new talent. With a slew of prizes and
exhibitions under his belt, Grill's vibrant colours and cheerful illustration
truly bring a book to life. In 2015, William Grill was the youngest Kate
Greenaway Medal winner since 1960.


Grill’s combination of pocketed image and cinematic double-page spreads take the reader on true skin-prickling journey into the Old West, with languid colour washes and dynamic, sweeping line work.

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