A deliciously funny tale, with equally amusing illustrations, about being judged for what, rather than who, you are.

When Boris and his parents learn that Scotland is re-introducing wolves, they leave their mansion in Morovia for their Scottish homeland. But these wolves aren’t planning to settle in the wild, oh no! Instead, they book into the exclusive Highland Hotel, from where they plan to enjoy Scotland’s best tourist spots and cuisine. But is Scotland ready for holidaying wolves? Especially such hungry ones? And why are certain people so unhappy to see them? From spooky dungeons to scheming developers, the Greycoats’ new adventure is full of surprising discoveries.


The descriptive writing gives a sense of character and place and although some of the vocabulary is challenging, the support of the illustrations makes it suitable for children developing their reading skills. Full of historic castles and mystery, this book is perfect for a 7+ readership.

Books and Publishing

The Wolves of Greycoat Hall is a delightful novel that works exquisitely as a stand-alone novel and brings wolves and Scotland to life in an imaginative and beautiful way.

The Book Muse

This was a wholesome, funny story with marvellous black and white illustrations. Boris’s parents are delightfully eccentric and loving. Boris is quietly heroic with admirable values.

Read Plus

The Wolves of Greycoat Hall swings with a breezy, impish humour that will have readers aged 7–10 turning the pages with a smile.


Gifford’s book is an absolute winner, teeming with humour, whimsy and warmth.

Sydney Morning Herald

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