Lucinda Gifford

Lucinda Gifford is the author and illustrator of many well-loved children’s books. She was brought up in the north of Scotland, where there are a million times more seagulls than humans. To get away from the seagulls, Lucinda went to Edinburgh to study architecture. After this she had a fantastically successful career in advertising, coming up with over-the-top campaign ideas and doodling masterpieces on a big pad of paper. Years later, Lucinda realised that her favourite things were doodling and exaggerating. So she put some of her best drawings and most unlikely stories in a folio and started looking for work in children’s books.

Lucinda has since illustrated over 30 books, eight of which she has also written. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. But sometimes, from her studio, she can still hear the squawk of the gulls and the roar of the North Sea. Her favourite things to draw include wolves, dragons and castles.