Looking for his lost fish trap, Ben thinks he sees something dark moving under the water. Is it a creature or only his imagination? Diving into the sea with his friend Sophie, he is amazed to discover a wonderful hidden world – and the rich variety of creatures that live there.


Jeannie Baker is the author and illustrator of a number of children's picture books, including the award-winning Where the Forest Meets the Sea and the critically acclaimed dual language picture book Mirror. Her characteristic use of mixed media to create detailed and elaborate collages is stunning and unique. Originally from the UK, Jeannie lives in Australia. Find Jeannie online at www.jeanniebaker.com.


The hidden forests of the title are kelp beds, which Baker explores through her extraordinary multi-layered collages. It’s visual poetry, her undersea world luminous and translucent – its creatures vividly coloured and intricately detailed. Like all her books, this one carries a conservation message, but it’s Baker’s magical depictions of these hidden forests that linger.

The Dominion Post

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