In an infinity of sky, tiny godwit birds follow ancient, invisible migratory pathways, flying on and on for nine nights and nine days, flying without rest… This is their story.

From the creator of the critically acclaimed Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror, comes a poetic, eco-conscious picture book which explores the complex, interdependency of nature. This is the story of the little-known Bar-tailed Godwit who, following invisible pathways that have been used for thousands of years, undertakes the longest unbroken migration of any bird, a total of 11,000 kilometres, flying from their breeding grounds in Alaska across the Pacific Ocean to Australia or New Zealand. Facing hunger and treacherous conditions to reach their destination, their flight is one of bravery, tenacity and strength, and Jeannie’s stunning mixed media collages, inspired first-hand by the spectacular landscapes of Alaska and China, will amaze readers, and take them on an extraordinary visual journey to the corners of our Earth.


Jeannie Baker is the author and illustrator of a number of children's picture books, including the award-winning Where the Forest Meets the Sea and the critically acclaimed dual language picture book Mirror. Her characteristic use of mixed media to create detailed and elaborate collages is stunning and unique. Originally from the UK, Jeannie lives in Australia. Find Jeannie online at


This extraordinary picture book is yet another masterpiece from the creator of the award-winning Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror.


There are many stand out features in this picture book… Highly recommended for all ages.

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This is a wonderful book, and I hope it will earn an award when the Children’s Book Council awards are made later this year.

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Jeannie Baker is a master of collage. Her previous books, including Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Window, are well-loved classics. Circle further affirms her mastery, as well as her enduring passion and care for the environment. It is the perfect way to learn about the life of this incredible bird.


A breathtakingly beautiful, tactile picture book with an urgent conservation message. 4 1/2 stars

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This is an exquisite depiction of a natural phenomenon and there are fantastic teacher notes available which contain an illuminating interview with Jeannie Baker. Not to be missed.


Presented simply, but with a powerful underlying environmental message, Jeannie Baker’s book will hopefully reach into our consciousness and remind us of the constant threats to our planet.


Circle, written and illustrated by Jeannie Baker is a feast of visual colour and art that is graced with her distinctive illustrating style of genius. Her story flows like the gentle movement of a bird’s wings and glide with smoothness and peace, filling the reader with wonder at how godwits continue to follow the ancient visible pathway, generation after generation, even as their landmarks disappear in our ever changing world.

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Baker’s trademark detailed collage illustrations glow with colour and depth, and the messages of the interdependence of all creatures and their need for undamaged habitats are deftly conveyed. This will become a classic, and is suitable for all ages, as its themes are not to be limited to young or old.

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Every page greets the inquiring reader, intriguing them with hints of just how each picture is made, astonishing them with information about this amazing bird, revealing just how we have made the environment so difficult for these birds to survive. Each page impels the reader to stop and think about why our earth is now in such great peril.

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A breathtakingly beautiful, tactile picture book with an urgent conservation message. 4 1/2 stars

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Jeannie Baker has created another compelling, powerful and beautiful storybook.


Circle is an outstanding picture book that, like Jeannie’s previous books, will be treasured by children and adults alike. You feel that you are holding something precious in your hands when you are reading this book because you can see the love that has gone into the story.

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A new book by Jeanne Baker always heralds much celebration and Circle is… Well, it’s simply breathtaking.

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The text is poetic and spare, scattered with rich imagery that resonates with the glorious illustrations and the resilience of these remarkable creatures that show the world is indeed one.

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Like all Jeanie Baker books, this is stunning. From its turquoise, green, grey, orange and white cover all the way through the artwork is brilliant with colour. You feel like you could reach out and touch the sea anemones and sea life in their mauve, green and yellow.

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Baker constructed her collages from materials she collected while tracing the godwits’ migratory trek. This attention to visual detail, and the way Baker shows us things from different perspectives, combined with the important theme of the book all contribute to Circle being what I consider a masterpiece. The stunning illustrations and the amazing story of the godwits’ migration will certainly kindle children’s imaginations

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This Book is for all ages, for all homes and libraries.

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John Burroughs Award, Young Readers
Whitely Award, Children’s Book
Australian Book Industry Awards, Book of the Year for Younger Children
English 4-11 Book Awards Leicester
Environment Award for Children’s Literature, Picture Fiction
KOALA, Picture Story Books
Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards, 5-8 Years
Educational Publishing Awards Australia, Educational Picture or Chapter Book
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