La Ion just wants to play soccer—but he accidentally joins a robot soccer club. Along with the story of La Ion's mix-up, this graphic novel explores the history of robots and key ideas in robotics.

La Ion is happiest when he's on the soccer field with friends. So when he transfers to a new school, he's excited to see it has a soccer club. But the kids he meets aren't kicking a ball around—they're controlling soccer robots! Soon La Ion is stuck in the middle of a rivalry between the robot-soccer club and its battle-robot rivals.

Soccer Robots vs. Battle Robots kicks off the Robot Makers series with an introduction to robotics history, including key concepts, famous figures, power sources, and more.


Podoal Chingu is a writing collective in South Korea focused on informative stories for young readers. Their work includes The Robot Makers series.

Hong Jong-Hyeon studied at the Department of Cartoon Arts of Kongju National University in Gongju, South Korea, before drawing numerous graphic novels. He now lives and works in South Korea.

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