Manga Math Mysteries 4: The Kung Fu Puzzle Time

Age 8+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

Is what Adam and Tom overhear true? Is Sifu Faiza selling the kung fu school? And can they find a way to change her mind in time? All the kids get together to help, but they'll have to figure out a mysterious puzzle about hours, minutes, and temperature to find the unexpected solution in . . . The Kung Fu Puzzle.


Melinda Thielbar is a writer, teacher, statistician, and student of the martial arts. Manga Math Mysteries, including The Kung Fu Puzzle and The Secret Ghost is her first children’s series. Der-shing Helmer recently graduated with a degree in Biology from UC Berkeley, where she played with snakes and lizards all summer long. She is working toward becoming a biology teacher. When she is not tutoring kids, she likes to create art, especially comics. Her best friends are her two pet geckos (Smeg and Jerry), her king snake (Clarice), and the chinchilla that lives next door. She is the illustrator of three titles in GU's Manga Math Mysteries series.

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