What makes Australians such brilliant inventors? Whose idea was the black box flight recorder? Who thought of spray-on skin? The Safe-n-Sound baby capsule? And the Hills Hoist clothes line? Australian inventions. You use them every day. In this book you will meet some of the amazing Australian inventors who have made our world a safer and better place to live in


Amy Hunter has an engineering degree and used to work with inventors. Now she writes for children and lives in Melbourne.

David Rowe is an award-winning political cartoonist.


Great Aussie Inventions provides a taster of Aussie inventors and their creations as well as dipping into Australian history. Sure to find an avid readership.

Aussie Reviews

This is a terrific reference book created in a light-hearted way to entertain and educate. Kids will love for its trivia- like content. The illustrations are filled with humour and delight, and the front cover is a blast! A valuable resource for all institutions related to education, most importantly homes.

Buzzwords Magazine

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