From two of New Zealand's favourites - Sally Sutton and Cat Chapman - a rollicking romp through a day on a family camping trip!

When we go camping, we bang in the pegs, bang in the pegs, bang in the pegs. Guy ropes are tricky; they trip up our legs! Smacketty tappetty bopp-io.


A must for every child’s home library.

Creative Kids Tales

The illustrations by Cat Chapman are charming and will keep young ones (and those reading the book to them) amused for ages, hunting out all the things needed for a successful camping trip.

Booksellers NZ

The quintessential summer camping holiday is shown in all its quirky, hilarious moments in this unmistakably Kiwi picture book.


Everyone who has ever been camping will relate to this amusing and informative picture book that shows a family on holiday.

Read Plus

The strength of the book for me lies in Cat Chapman’s wonderful watercolour and ink illustrations which are realistic and engaging, and capture beautifully the humour involved in this traditional Kiwi activity.

Otago Daily Times

When We Go Camping bounces with the excitement, trials and tribulations of outdoor living.

Savvy magazine

When We Go Camping is definitely worth checking out if you’re near a library or bookstore. I think it’s a kiwi-kid-bookshelf-must-have and would make the perfect Christmas gift for little ones..

The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse

This New Zealand duo have created a summer holiday classic packed with both the good and the memorable aspects of camping trips.

Reading Time

… this book captures the quintessential Kiwi holiday…

Oh Baby

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