Where is everybody? It's time to play. Lift the flaps to find the family in some very surprising places!

Sunday morning. No school today. But where is everybody? Still in bed – and not the beds you might expect! The cat and kittens are in the laundry basket. The dog and puppies are in the cat’s bed. And in the dog’s bed? Baby brothers! There’s only one bed where the right people are to be found – Mum and Dad’s. So, come on everybody, that’s where all the family’s going to play!


Nigel Gray is the author of more than 60 books for children, including A Balloon for Grandad and A Country Far Away.

Bob Graham, Australia’s leading picture-book maker, has written and illustrated many children’s picture books including Oscar’s Half Birthday, Buffy and Let’s Get a Pup. He won the 2000 Smarties Gold Medal for Max, the 2003 Kate Greenaway Medal for Jethro Byrde, Fairy Child and the Australian Children’s Book of the Year Award an unprecedented four times!


This is a lovely family story of waking up and spending time together. Told in catchy rhyming text which encourages prediction by even very young readers, and also supports guessing of what is under the flaps on some of the spreads. Sturdy card stock and a toddler friendly size ensure this will withstand frequent loving (and reading!).

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