Olive is a shy girl who prefers reading about adventures to having them herself. But when a mysterious figure steals all of the books in town, Olive decides to set out straight into an adventure of her own. The thief, meanwhile, doesn’t quite know what to do with the stories he’s stolen. Olive must track down the thief and teach him the joys of reading - and sharing - stories.


Graham Carter is a printmaker with a huge following who is stepping into the world of picture books. His illustrations can be spotted in a wide variety of publications such as The New Scientist, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Graham lives Seaford with his wife and son, and can often be found printing, sketching and making a mess in his studio in Brighton.


Graham Carter’s illustrations are a visual delight… For anyone who loves stories, the joy in this book is that shy Olive becomes the intrepid explorer, inspired by the characters she has read about

Just Imagine

Another funny, exciting and inspiring adventure. Graham Carter’s vivid, colourful illustrations glow with energy and are full of wonderful, intriguing details. Octopus himself is a triumph, and children will be delighted at the different uses he finds for books!


You will most definitely embark on a fun filled journey at the turn of each page. A wonderful addition to any bookworm’s library


This book is all kinds of wonderful! It captures the magic and wonder of reading so perfectly through a funny and adventurous story, stunning artwork and characters to completely fall in love with. The Story Thief is an instant classic and will be read here for a very very long time to come. It’s brilliant.

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