You'll be hooked in this addition to the "My Dad..." series, where Dad sails the seven seas with more jokes to make you laugh - arrr arrr arrr!

Captain Dad and his crew are having a day at the beach, and of course Dad is bringing his treasure trove of jokes. Whether it’s a ship he bought on sail or an earring that costs one buccaneer, a day with Dad is shore to be hilarious! At least he seems to think so.


It is fun to read aloud, and children who are independent readers will appreciate the play on words, sure to bring giggles as well as some groans. It is easy to relate to the story as many readers will know a relative or friend who delights in the sorts of jokes and wordplay that is found in the My dad thinks books.

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A wonderfully warm and positive image of family is spread over every page, highlighting the things families do together, modelling a happy involved family group.

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Here’s another title in the popular ‘My Dad’ series. It is replete with dad jokes, puns, riddles, and knock-knock jokes. In particular, the author has a lot of fun with homophones: sail/sale, sea/see, shore/sure. The younger audience will not understand this humour, but older siblings probably will. The book begs to be read aloud, preferably with a ‘pirate’ voice! There is, of course, the ubiquitous fart joke.

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