Victor is back with a brand-new quest – this time, to prove he is worthy enough to marry his princess!

Prince Victor and Valerian want to get married. But in order to win her hand, Victor must pass three seemingly impossible tests of bravery, endurance and cleverness as set by Valerian’s father. Should he fail in any of these challenges, the marriage will not take place – which is exactly what Valerian’s father wants! To prove his worth, Victor must go back into the Dark Forest of Nevermore to battle a fiery man-eating dragon, retrieve an armband from the peak of a wizard’s glass mountain, and uncover a tail feather from the rarest bird in the world ...


Pamela Freeman is an award-winning author whose work ranges from picture books to young adult novels. Pamela is best known for her Floramide series of fantasy novels and her adult fantasy series, Blood Ties.

Best known for his collaborations with Anna Feinberg, Kim Gamble's many books include the bestselling Tashi series, The Magnificent Nose and Other Marvels, Come the Terrible Tiger and Pog.


Victor’s Challenge is a delightful sequel to Victor’s Quest, presenting a whimsical tale of bravery and love, with a colourful cast of characters and plenty of adventures.

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Aurealis Awards, Best Children’s Illustrated Work/Picture Book
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