What can we do with all this stuff that nobody wants? This lively picture book shows very young children that recycling can be fun!

From pine cones on the grass to old coat- hangers in the cupboard, from empty cardboard boxes to unwanted curtains, used wrapping paper, yogurt pots, odd socks, sinks and fallen leaves What can we do with all this stuff that nobody wants?

The Dragonflies nursery know exactly what to do. They are full of creative ideas and love to think up ways in which old things can be made new and useful again. And it’s all free!

Dry fir cones become decorative owls. Coat hangers are perfect for mobiles. Paper plates make face masks. An old sink becomes a home for water plants. Odd socks are just right for finger puppets. Worn-out clothes can be cut up for quilt-making. And curtains can become amazing costumes for dressing up.

Just a load of old rubbish? NO!

Pre-school children and their parents, teachers and carers can all get enjoyment and inspiration from the way in which the Dragonfly playgroup children set about transforming all sorts of ‘rubbish’ into decorative or practical items, or just in happy creative play. Rubbish can be fun!


Linda Newbery has published widely for young readers and adults, with titles including the Costa Children’s winner Set in Stone. Her previous picture book is Posy, illustrated by Catherine Rayner. As well as writing, she now spends much of her time campaigning for animal and environmental causes such as Compassion in World Farming, Feed Our Future and the League Against Cruel Sports. This Book is Cruelty Free – Animals and Us, for teenagers and adults, is a guide to compassionate living.

Katie Rewse is an illustrator based in Bournemouth, England, where she studied for both her BA and MA in illustration, since graduating in 2017 Katie has specialised in children’s book illustration. In 2020, she was shortlisted in the AOI World Illustration Awards, and in 2021 the non-fiction title Climate Action for which Katie was the illustrator was longlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards and was also one of Waterstone’s children’s books of the month. Katie is particularly interested in how illustration can be used to inspire positive change and she finds inspiration in the outdoors, travel and adventure.

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