Through this heartwarming tale of love and acceptance, Eda Akaltun's stylish debut picture book explores the ever changing family dynamic through the eyes of a petulant pup that any young child can identify with.

Meet Marcel, he's a New Yorker through and through! Ask him anything, go on, anything about this city. His human and him know all the best spots, especially downtown. They're pretty close, his human and him. Just the two of them. The way it should be. Or so Marcel thinks. But when a new human enters their lives, all of a sudden, they're spending all their time uptown! Everything's changing and it looks like this new human isn't going anywhere. Why couldn't everything stay as it was?


Eda Akaltun is a New York based illustrator and printmaker from Istanbul. Whilst studying illustration at Central Saint Martins in London, Eda developed a love for traditional printmaking and collage. Since obtaining an MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in 2010, she has worked for a wide range of clients including Herman Miller, Bafta, Krug Champagne and Pentagram NY among others - as well as taking part in a variety of exhibitions internationally.


Warm text with a dry, first-person [first-dog!] humour trails alongside cleverly-constructed imagery featuring our darling painted pup, collaged with black and white or hand-coloured photographs, patterns and textures.

Kids' Book Review

A warm-hearted tale about adjusting to change, and while the her is a dog, the book may resonate with young humans experiencing the rearrangement of their family dynamic.

Oh Baby

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