Captain Cook: Sailing off the Map

Sailing off the Map

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 8+

History & The Past: General Interest People & Places Educational: History

Three times James Cook sailed off the map in search of new lands. He navigated the cruelest seas, protected his crews from disease and warlike natives and discovered strange new lands. From beginning as a shopkeeper's apprentice who dreamed of a life at sea, he would become the world's greatest explorer.


Craig Scutt went to eight schools, which meant he was always the oddball new kid with no mates. Even though he was rubbish at maths he calculated it takes exactly 31.67 days for the average new kid to make new friends. So while he waited for his classmates to realise they liked him, Craig read any book he could get his hands on. This made him want to write books himself. He is now a Melbourne-based freelance writer. Mary Bryant is his first book.


Captain Cook – Sailing Off the Map is a great title and conjures a image of an adventurer and explorer who refused to be limited to the known world. This is particularly relevant in the present, where there are so many constraints on the adventuring of children. Colonialism has rightly been re-examined in recent years, and books like this one help to remind readers that whatever else may have motivated these journeys, a great sense of adventure and personal courage were necessary.

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