A deceptively simple ode to happiness and self-confidence, as told through the voice of a lovable dog named Barkley.

This is the story of a small dog named Barkley who is having a bit of an identity crisis. Barkley belongs to a little boy named Max, who is part of a large community of people with all different kinds of dogs, each with a very distinct characteristic. Except for Barkley. So, what kind of dog is he? Just imagine his surprise when he discovers he's a LOST dog. Luckily, Max helps him realise he's more than just that: he's a best friend dog, and that makes him a happy dog, too. And you can't ask for much more than that.


Rebecca Crane grew up in Perth, then spent a few years in Edinburgh and London before relocating to Melbourne. She has just recently moved back to London.


Paired with beautiful illustrations, Crane shares a tale with a message for all readers, young and old, to learn.

The Good Book Nook

This picture book is super cute and adorable and I love the illustrations!I definitely recommend picking this one up!

ClaireEvaReads - Instagram

Crane’s message is so poignant. It isn’t about how others see you, but how you see yourself

idreamofallthebooks - Instagram

Truly beautiful! Simple text with surrounded by absolutely gorgeous illustrations. Heartwarming and loveable.

picturebookbc - Instagram

Crane’s muted palette and quirky illustrations are beautifully executed and this picture book about self-discovery is suitable for both reading aloud to a group and for individual reading pleasure


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