It's time to get a pet! Will Mabel find the perfect one for her family?

Hooray! Mabel and her family are getting a pet! There's no time to lose! But which kind of animal should they choose? Not the snake – it's too scary. The elephant's too big. The worms are too wriggly and the hyena too giggly. Then Mabel has the perfect idea. But will her family agree? A laugh-out-loud rhyming story about finding the perfect pet – with plenty of hilarious twists along the way.


Smriti Halls is an award-winning, internationally bestselling children’s author whose books include Number 1 bestseller I Love You Night and Day, T-Veg and Don't Call Me Sweet. She is published in more than 30 languages ... and counting. Her stories, sometimes fast-paced and funny, sometimes lyrical and tender, are always full of heart and speak to the child in all of us. Previously Smriti worked at the BBC and across children’s publishing and television as a writer and commissioning editor for twelve years. Find her on Instagram as @smriti_halls_author and on Twitter as @SmritiPH.

Rosalind Beardshaw has illustrated many books, including My Pet Star that won the Sainsbury's Children's Picture Book Award, the award-winning Lulu series and the National Trust's A Walk in the Countryside series. She grew up in Sheffield and her first book was shortlisted for the Sheffield Book Prize. Find her on Instagram as @rosalindbeardshaw and on Twitter as @RosBeardshaw.


Sheffield Children’s Book Award
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