From the creator of the How to Hide a Lion series, Helen Stephens, comes a hilarious, warm-hearted ode to pets.

This is a book about a very real life, very naughty dog called Peggy. Peggy loves to leap on the bed in the morning, sticking her hairy bottom in Dad’s face. Peggy that loves to roll around on everything stinky and smelly she can find: stinky seaweed; soggy, washed-up old wellies; and worst of all? POOP! And that’s not even the naughtiest thing she does… Do you think her family loves her anyway? Well, look at that little face – how could they not? A happy, big-hearted celebration about our much-cherished dog members of the family, despite their messy, noisy and very (very) smelly flaws.


Helen Stephens is an author, illustrator and picture book maker. She created the How To Hide a Lion series and many more books for children, including Fleabag and The Night Iceberg. Her books can be read in over 25 languages and have been selected as "Book of the Year" in The Guardian and The Times. Her work has featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Uppercase Magazine. Helen lives with her family and their very own Smelly Peggy near the Scottish borders in Berwick. Find Helen online at, on Twitter as @stephens_helen and on Instagram as @helenstephenslion.

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