Mysteries, lizards and strange goings-on abound in another uniquely funny addition to the beloved 'Elizabella' series.

Excitement is in the air as Elizabella – poet, fixer of fairytales and the biggest prankster in the history of her school – heads off to camp with the rest of her class. But when Larry the Lizard learns she’s headed to Lizard Lake he stows away in her suitcase, dreaming of discovering the other sentient lizards rumoured to be living there. Soon, Elizabella begins having strange dreams and wonders if Lizard Lake is haunted. Meanwhile back at Bilby Creek, Martin madly searches for Larry, eventually stumbling on another lizard who looks exactly like him. After discovering who is really haunting Lizard Lake, Larry and Elizabella return home to solve another mystery. Who is the imposter hanging out with Martin?

Another uniquely funny entry in the beloved illustrated comedy series from talented sister duo Zoë and Georgie Norton-Lodge.


Zoë Norton Lodge is a writer, tv and radio presenter known for her work on ABC TV’s The Checkout and the live storytelling night and podcast Story Club, as well as her collected short stories Almost Sincerely. Elizabella and the Haunting of Lizard lake is the third book in the Elizabella series.

Georgia Norton Lodge is a Sydney-based graphic designer and illustrator. When she’s not creating brands she’s working on her own business, Georgia Draws A House, where she delights people by hand-drawing their homes. She’s also Zoë’s younger sister. This is their fourth book together.


Recommended. Elizabella and the haunting of Lizard Lake is an enjoyable read that will keep fans of Elizabella entertained and looking for the next book in the series.


Recommended… just right for readers who enjoy quirky characters, humour in school and family stories.


a fun and funny story that manages to weave in several serious real-life issues such as the death of a parent, identity formation, and working through the challenges of friendship… this book would be good for younger readers in search of a challenging read and older readers in search of something light but meaningful.

CBCA: Reading Time

Overall, a rollicking tale featuring the sorts of things kids would love to have actually happening on school camps.

Kids Book Review

perfectly suited to middle primary students


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